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Last Update: 13.03.2019
Financing, insurances, value declaration, justice

"AN EXPERT REPORTS FROM HIS EXPERIENCE" in the professional journal “Deutscher Drucker:

Issue 2
DD No. 6/22.02.2007
When a Bank Misinterprets a Change-over as Default Risk
Issue 4
DD No. 10/22.03.2007
Failure to Adhere to a Leasing Agreement Will Often Involve a Loss
Issue 6
DD No. 14/03.05.2007
When a Newspaper Rotary Press Exhibits an "Exotic" Cut-off ...
Issue 8
DD No. 18/07.06.2007
What to Do When a Complete Printing Plant is out of Operation?
Issue 19
DD No. 40/06.12.2007
"Estimated" Expert Opinion Ends in the Higher Regional Court
Issue 23
DD No. 6/14.02.2008
Evaluating a Printing Press During the Commencement of Bankruptcy Proceedings
Folge 28
DD No. 16/08.05.2008
Bank Demands Value Expertise for Printing Press Financing
Issue 29
DD No. 18/22.05.2008
What Is „Permissible“ in the Independent Procedure of Taking Evidence
Issue 40
DD No. 40/04.12.2008
When a expert umpire has to calculate a damage caused by fire
Issue 41
DD No. 42/18.12.2008
Sheet-fed press was not too slow in the opinion of the court yard
Issue 52
DD No. 24/23.07.2009
Printing press has a too small printing size
Issue 59
DD No. 38/19.11.2009
Circulator for dampening-water is damaged on transport - who will have to pay?
Issue 71
DD No. 20/10.06.2010
Printers should insure properly against damage caused by water
Issue 102
DD No. 02/19.01.2012
Underinsurance in case of elementary damage
Issue 154
DD No. 16/17/01.09.2016
How to value a newspaper printing press

DD No. 32/08.10.2009
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DD No. 40/03.12.2009
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DD  No. 13/16.06.2017
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