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"AN EXPERT REPORTS FROM HIS EXPERIENCE" in the professional journal “Deutscher Drucker:

Issue 3
DD No. 8/08.03.2007
When the Spraywater of a Construction Site Destroys Offset Reproduction Copies
Issue 24
DD No. 8/28.02.2008
Ghost Effect on Printed Sheets Causes Considerable Damage
Issue 31
DD No. 22/19.06.2008
Incorrect alcohol measurement brings printing press to a standstill
Issue 32
DD No. 24/10.07.2008
Dealer in Second-hand Printing Presses Brings Printing Plant on the Verge of Ruin
Issue 33
DD No. 26/07.08.2008
Printing Cylinder Causes a Machinery Failure
Issue 36
DD No. 32/02.10.2008
Sheet-fed-press fails to reach the productivity promised
Issue 37
DD No. 34/16.10.2008
When there is a difference in “orange” between pre-press and print.
Issue 38
DD No. 36/30.10.2008
It is not necessary to renew damaged printing cylinders in any case
Issue 44
DD No. 06/19.02.2009
When the performance of a press is zero
Issue 55
DD No. 30/24.09.2009
Wrong cylinder adjustments are detected by thermographic measurement.
Issue 63
DD No. 04/04.02.2010
What is the admissible color-distance for package-printing with sheet-fed-presses?
Issue 65
DD No. 08/04.03.2010
Printing press: Broken screw "memorizes" the cause for damage
Issue 68
DD No. 14/22.04.2010
In spite of preservation there is no claim in case of corrosion
Issue 80
DD No. 38/18.11.2010
Impression Cylinders: Adjustment of the Regulation Costs Due to Ageing
Issue 84
DD No. 04/03.02.2011
Impression Does Not Constitute a Guarantee for Intact Impression Cylinders Yet
Issue 94
DD No. 24/11.08.2011
How does water get into gear lubricant oil of a printing press?
Issue 100
DD No. 36/24.11.2011
Damaged printing cylinder: claims settlement by the insurance
Issue 107
DD No. 12/13.04.2012
Air humidification causes corrosion on printing presses
Issue 112
DD No. 22/12.07.2012
How to avoid consequential damage after a fire at a printing press
Issue 117
DD No. 32/25.10.2012
What may happen, when cylinder damage is not covered by the insurance
Issue 125
DD No. 10/16.05.2013
Damage on a Dry Cooler
Issue 145
DD No. 06/26.03.2015
Sheet fed printing press with problems on transfer cylinder
Issue 150
DD No. 05/10.03.2016
An oblique printing press causes damage to the gears
Issue 161
DD No. 20/28.09.2017
Ischaemia care of bearers can cause bif faults Issue 161 DD No. 20/28.09.2017 Ischaemia care of bearers can cause bif faults
Issue 164
DD No. 05/22.03.2018
Contractually owed production speed of a sheetfed press Issue 164 DD No. 05/22.03.2018 Contractually owed production speed of a sheetfed press
DD No. 14/17.04.2008
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DD No. 14/22.04.2010
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DD No. 28/27.09.2012
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DD No. 16/17 01.09.2016
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DD No. 25/26.12.2018
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